Upcoming Clinics

                    March 4-5.

​Francisco in a performance in Madrid with The Royal School.

Francois Lemaire de Ruffieu

                        DEC 6-7.

Francisco Garcia Ibanez

    Happily Ever After Dressage moved to AIKEN SC APRIL 2016, our new address is 260 MEADOWS RIDGE CT. AIKEN 29803. We are proud to host some of the best international clinicians and also to offer training and lessons to riders who have a specific goals in mind for the improvement of their riding.


          NOV 12-17

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                     April 2-8

Wendy Murdoch Clinic

    Happily Ever After Dressage has been owned and operated by Susan Neilson since 1998. She has put her education and creativity to work to create an environment that supports continuing education for all levels of horses and riders.


Renaissance at Dressage at Devon 2012 in his Iberian Horse class.

Thierry Durand  .